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Highlights from the June Shanghai International Pump & Valve Exhibition

2024-07-05 | Exhibition Information

In June 2024, our company attended the Shanghai International Pump Valve Exhibition, a significant event bringing together pump valve manufacturers, buyers, and technical experts from around the world.


Our sales team warmly welcomed many professional visitors and industry peers. We displayed our latest PVC valve and fitting products, which garnered widespread attention for their excellent quality and advanced design. Many customers highly praised our products, noting their superior performance and durability.


The exhibition also allowed us to explore cutting-edge technologies and products, providing valuable learning opportunities and inspiring new ideas for research and development. We met many new customers and successfully signed several orders, boosting our market confidence and laying a solid foundation for future growth. Interacting with international customers and peers helped us understand market demands and trends better.


Overall, the Shanghai International Pump Valve Exhibition was a valuable experience, enhancing our brand recognition and achieving fruitful results in business expansion and technical exchanges. We look forward to participating in more industry events in the future, collaborating with customers and peers to drive the industry's development.

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